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Project Noah Nature School

Project Noah is excited to share Nature School with educators and students worldwide. 

Project Noah Nature School is a new platform designed to help teachers transform even the smallest backyard, schoolyard or local green space into a curiosity-creating nature classroom. 

Geared for elementary and middle school, our open learning program focuses on backyard wildlife and exciting nature topics to inspire students to learn about the natural world.

Our curriculum includes designed infographic nature lessons, video-guided conservation challenges, nature class videos and curriculum extras - all delivered over the web in a user-friendly format. 

Our mission is to inspire students to learn about and protect wildlife. Join us on the adventure and together let's work towards this mission!

Launch Video

Meet the Team

Michael Sarill

Michael Sarill

Founder & Product Director

Mallory Lindsay

Mallory Lindsay

Wildlife Educator & Teacher

Dan Doucette

Dan Doucette

Wildlife Photographer & Horticulturist

More About Project Noah Nature School

Project Noah Nature School launched as a beta in the Fall of 2020. Our full program released to the broader public in the Spring of 2021.

Project Noah Nature School was produced with love by Project Noah. Our Nature School curriculum is owned and managed by Project Noah Publishers, the organization behind Project Noah.