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Nature School FAQ

Project Noah takes intellectual property rights very seriously and all of our media is meticulously sourced and attributed. The majority of our wildlife photography is sourced from Dan Doucette, Mallory Lindsay, Tamar Beecher, Dwain Holmes, Kunzah Syed and Masumi Palhof. Dan Doucette is collaborating with the Nature School to offer his full wildlife photography library in our curriculum. We also supplement our photography library with select images from Shutterstock and Unsplash. Shutterstock images are purchased under an enhanced license. We fully respect each Project Noah user's intellectual property rights to their respective wildlife photos. Project Noah Nature School does not use any of our user's wildlife photography in our education platform.

Quiz content is produced directly from each Nature Lesson. Answers to quiz questions can be gathered from the Nature Lesson educational infographic. Students should not be expected to do independent study beyond the educational infographic to perform well on each quiz. 

Homework questions are meant to ignite student curiosity to independently learn about subject matters. We do not presently provide answers to these questions as its important students learn about these subjects independently. 

Nature School does not collect any personally identifiable information from students. 

Students must at all times be supervised by a responsible adult for all learning activities. As a digital resource, Nature School cannot supervise students during activities. Never approach or attempt to handle wildlife. Ms. Mallory is a trained wildlife professional.